Bendys Bouncers Ltd

Safety Instructions

A responsible adult (aged at least 18 years) must supervise the children AT ALL TIMES during operation.

Children on the inflatable should be of similar age and stature.  Number of children on the inflatable should be monitored at all times, taking care not to overload.  Seek advice on safe numbers if in doubt.

 Silly string NOT to be used on or near the castle-it does not come off !

Please keep party poppers away from the castle as they stain

 Children on the equipment should:

*  NOT wear shoes

*  NOT eat, drink or chew

*  NOT wear watches, jewellery or sharp objects

*  NOT wear glasses

*  NOT be over 15 years of age

*  NOT climb or sit on the walls

*  NOT sit or bounce on the front step

*  NOT jump or play on a partially inflated unit

The supervisor must not allow any activity likely to result in injury.

 Warning Due concern and awareness should be given to prevailing wind conditions.  The inflatable can turn over in high winds this could result in injury to occupants.  Do not operate until adverse weather conditions cease.

All anchor points must be secured to the ground or other solid point at all times of operation.

Play should not tbe allowed on wet surfaces or during persistent rain.

All electrical equipment in use should have adequate protection from adverse weather indluding the use of an RCD circuit breaker at all times.


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